Amnah Ali Al-Nasiri

Amnah Ali Al-Nasiri was born in Rada’a, Yemen.  She has a BA in Philosophy from Sana’a University (1988) and both a BA and MA in art and the philosophy of art from the Moscow State Academic Institute of Arts VI Surikov Institute (1994) and a Ph.D in aesthetics from Moscow State University (2001). Amnah has exhibited extensively in Sana’a and throughout the Gulf. Additionally, her work has been exhibited in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. Amnah lives and works in Sana’a.

Dina Matar artwork



Dina Matar was born in 1985 in Gaza, Palestine. In 2007 she earned a BA in art education at Al-Aqsa University, Gaza. Dina has exhibited extensively in Palestine and throughout the Middle East as well as in France, Ireland, Switzerland and the UK. She lives and works in Gaza.

Ebtissam Al Saffar artwork



Ebtissam Al Saffar was born in Doha, Qatar. She has a BFA from Qatar University.  Ebtissam has exhibited in France, Morocco, Bangladesh and extensively in Qatar. In 2016she was selected The Fire Station in Doha’s first artist-in-residence in Paris. She was a board member, and remains a member, of the Qatar Fine Arts Society. Ebtissam lives and works in Doha.


 Fatma Alshebani artwork




Fatma Alshebani was born Doha. In 1994 she earned a BFA from Qatar University. Fatma works in a variety of mediums such as installation art, painting and sculpture and video. Fatma has exhibited extensively throughout the Middle East and Europe including Athens, Bonn, London, New York and Paris. Fatma is member of Girls Creativity Center, Qatar Fine Arts Society and Visual Art Center. Fatma lives and works in Doha.

Fetooh Shummoh artwork




Fetooh Shummoh was born in Kuwait. She is a fine artist with a bachelor's degree in art education and since 2004 she has been working in education. In 2013, Fetooh changed her artistic direction and began using handmadepaper. Fetooh has participated in many local and international art exhibitions. She currently lives and works in Kuwait.


Ginou Choueiri was born in Beirut in 1972 and was raised in Europe and the United States. She originally studied advertising but left the field to go to Spain where she participated in grafitti and street art. Ginou has exhibited extensively in Beirut and throughout the world including in Barcelona, Spain; New York City; San Francisco, California; Turin, Italy and Australia. Ginou currently lives and works Beirut.

Hilda Hiary artwork


Hilda Hiary was born in Amman, Jordan. She graduated with a BA in sociology and political science from the University of Jordan and a BFA in printmaking from Al-Zaytoonah University in Amman.  Hilda has exhibited in venues throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East. Hilda currently works and lives in Jordan.

Iman Hasbani artwork

 Iman Hasbani was born in Swidaa, Syria. She earned a diploma and BFA in painting both from Damascus University. From 2006 to 2012 Iman was a professor in the department of theatre design at Damascus

University. Since 2003 she exhibited her artwork extensively throughout Syria. Iman lives and works in Syria.

Mona Nahleh artwork

Mona Nahleh was born in Lebanon. She completed her studies in 1993 in English literature at the Lebanese University. In 1994 she studied academic painting techniques with Egyptian artist Mansour Ahmed in Cairo. Since 2000, Mona has held numerous exhibitions primarily in Lebanon but also throughout the Middle East. She is a member of the Lebanese Association of Painting and Sculpture and member of the International Artist Association. Mona currently lives and works in Beirut.

Reem Yassouf artwork

Reem Yassouf was born in 1979 in Damascus, Syria. She graduated with a BFA in painting from the University of Damascus in 2000. Since then she has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and the United States.  Reem was awarded a certificate of honor for plastic arts and jewelry design from the World Innovation Centre in 2010 and certificates in jewelry design from the World Gold Council in Dubai in 2004, 2006 and 2008. Reem currently lives and works in Paris.

Wadha Al-Sulaiti artwork

Wadha Al-Sulaiti graduated in 2001 with a BA in history from Qatar University. She is a member of the Qatar Plastic Arts Society, the Youth Creativity Center, the 2006 Doha Asian Games committee, the “Qatar Past and Present” exhibition in Paris and the logo selection committee for the 2010 Doha-Capital of Arab Culture Festival as well as the Doha Arabic Calligraphy Biennale. Wadha is also the founder of the Girl’s Creativity Center.


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